Lakes Entrance Your Ultimate Family Vacation Guide

There is no greater destination than Lakes Entrance if you're searching for a stunning retreat. This beautiful coastal town, which can be found in Victoria, Australia, is famous for its gorgeous beaches, pristine lakes, and dense woods. Lakes Entrance is the ideal vacation spot for nature lovers, lovers of the outdoors, and anybody wishing to unwind because there is so much stunning natural beauty to discover there. We'll explore the several attractions that make Lakes Entrance such a popular place to spend time in more detail in this article.

Lakes Entrance

The Gippsland Lakes area, which includes more than 400 square kilometers of lakes, rivers, and marshes, is where Lakes Entrance is situated. The town's location on a sliver of land between the Gippsland Lakes and the Tasman Sea makes it an attractive destination for both lake and beach activities.

Beaches and Water Activities

The amazing beaches at Lakes Entrance are one of its main attractions. There are plenty of sandy stretches for relaxing on with over 90 miles of coastline to explore. The most popular beach in the area is Main Beach, which is known for its peaceful waves and pleasant atmosphere. However, you may go to Eastern Beach, which can only be reached by boat or a walking path, if you're searching for somewhere a bit more isolated.

Lakes Entrance is a water sports enthusiast's heaven. The Gippsland Lakes are excellent for paddling, kayaking, and fishing. Even surfing in the Tasman Sea is an option if you're searching for an adrenaline thrill.

Exploring the Lakes and Rivers

Along with its beaches, Lakes Entrance is home to some of Australia's most beautiful rivers and lakes. The Gippsland Lakes are a system of connected lakes and rivers that are ideal for boat travel. To explore the beautiful waterways and see native animals like dolphins, seals, and pelicans, you may rent a boat or go on a guided trip.

You may tour Mitchell River National Park if you'd rather stay on land. The Mitchell River, known for its breathtaking gorges and waterfalls, is located inside the park. Some of the park's most stunning natural features are reachable by hiking through the jungle.

Exploring the Stunning Shoreline of Lakes Entrance

Exploring the Stunning Shoreline of Lakes Entrance

Rainforests and Wildlife

Speaking about rainforests, some of Australia's most beautiful and lush rainforests may be found near Lakes Entrance. The Colquhoun State Forest is among the greatest areas to go exploring. Towering trees, gurgling streams, and a plethora of wildlife call this gorgeous forest home. For a chance to see native wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies, and even koalas, you may join a guided tour or go exploring on your own.

Accommodations and Dining

When it comes to accommodations, Lakes Entrance has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a luxury resort or a cozy cottage, you'll find plenty of options to choose from. There are also plenty of dining options in town, from seafood restaurants to cozy cafes.

Lakes Entrance Caravan Park

Lakes Entrance is home to several caravan parks that offer a comfortable and affordable accommodation option for visitors. One of the most popular caravan parks in the area is the Lakes Entrance Tourist Park, which is located right on the water's edge and offers stunning views of the Gippsland Lakes.

The park has a variety of sites available for caravans, motorhomes, and tents, as well as a range of cabins and villas for those who prefer a more luxurious stay. Guests can enjoy the park's many facilities, including a swimming pool, playground, BBQ area, and boat ramp.

The Lakes Entrance Tourist Park is also conveniently located near the town's many attractions, including the beach, shops, and restaurants. Whether you're traveling solo, with friends, or with family, the Lakes Entrance Tourist Park is a great option for your next vacation.

Lakes Entrance Beach

Lakes Entrance Beach is a beautiful destination located in the Gippsland Lakes region of Victoria, Australia. With its crystal-clear waters and pristine sands, it's a popular spot for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing.

One of the main attractions of Lakes Entrance Beach is its location, with the beach situated right at the entrance to the Gippsland Lakes system. This provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the stunning waterways of the area, whether by boat or by foot.

Lakes Entrance Beach is also a great spot for fishing, with a variety of fish species found in the waters surrounding the beach. Visitors can also enjoy a range of activities such as beach volleyball, kite surfing, and beachcombing.

If you're looking for a relaxing day at the beach, Lakes Entrance Beach is definitely worth a visit. With its natural beauty and range of activities, it's the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun.

Lakes Entrance Pizza

There are several pizza places in the area that offer a variety of pizza options to suit all tastes, from traditional to gourmet and vegetarian.

One of the most popular pizza places in Lakes Entrance is known for its quality ingredients, fresh dough, and generous toppings. Another popular option offers unique toppings such as smoked salmon, prawns, and blue cheese, along with gluten-free and vegan options.

Other pizza places in Lakes Entrance offer wood-fired pizzas made with fresh, local ingredients and a range of classic and gourmet pizza options.

No matter which pizza place you choose, you're sure to enjoy a delicious meal that will satisfy your hunger. So, if you're in Lakes Entrance and craving some pizza, you won't be disappointed!

Top Activities and Attractions in Lakes Entrance

Top Activities and Attractions in Lakes Entrance

Things to Do in Lakes Entrance

Australia, offering a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the top things to do in Lakes Entrance:

Visit the Beach

Lakes Entrance is home to stunning beaches, including the 90 Mile Beach, which offers long stretches of sand and clear blue water.

Go fishing

Lakes Entrance is a popular spot for fishing, with opportunities for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Explore the Gippsland Lakes

Take a boat tour or hire a kayak to explore the scenic waterways of the Gippsland Lakes.

Visit the Buchan Caves

Located just a short drive from Lakes Entrance, the Buchan Caves offer an underground wonderland to explore.

Go on a Wildlife Tour

Take a guided tour to see local wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, and birds.

Visit the Lakes Entrance Lookout

Enjoy panoramic views of the town and surrounding waterways from the top of the lookout.

Explore the Colquhoun State Forest

Take a scenic drive or hike through the Colquhoun State Forest to see beautiful flora and fauna.

These are just a few of the many things to do in Lakes Entrance, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

List of Famous Lakes Entrance Restaurants

Here is a list of some of the most popular and highly-rated restaurants in Lakes Entrance:

  • The Waterwheel Beach Tavern
  • The Boathouse Restaurant
  • The Esplanade Resort and Spa
  • Albert & Co
  • Sodafish

Lakes Entrance Camping

Camping is a popular activity in Lakes Entrance, with a variety of campsites and camping areas available for visitors. One of the most popular camping areas in the region is the Colquhoun State Forest, which offers a range of camping options including bush camping, RV camping, and caravan sites.

The Colquhoun State Forest camping area has several facilities including toilets, picnic tables, fireplaces, and BBQs. The area is also popular for fishing, bushwalking, and birdwatching.

Another popular camping option in Lakes Entrance is the Lakes Beachfront Holiday Park, which is located right on the beachfront and offers a range of camping options including powered and unpowered sites, as well as cabins and villas.

Other camping areas in the region include the Eastern Beach Holiday Park, the Kalimna Tourist Park, and the Lakes Entrance Tourist Park.

Whether you're looking for a secluded bush camping experience or a more comfortable camping option with all the amenities, Lakes Entrance has something to offer for every type of camper.

Lakes Entrance Boat Hire

Boat hire is a popular activity in Lakes Entrance, with a variety of boats available for hire for fishing, water sports, or simply exploring the beautiful Gippsland Lakes. There are several boat hire companies located in Lakes Entrance that offer a range of boats and equipment for hire.

One of the most popular boat hire companies in the area is the Lakes Entrance Boathouse, which offers a range of boats including tinnies, runabouts, and cruisers. The Boathouse also offers equipment hire such as fishing gear, water skis, and wakeboards.

Another popular boat hire company is Riviera Nautic, which specializes in luxury boat hire and offers a range of boats including yachts, motor cruisers, and houseboats. Riviera Nautic also offers a range of services such as catering and private transfers.

Other boat hire companies in Lakes Entrance include Gippsland Lakes Escapes, which offers a range of boats and kayaks for hire, and Lakeside Hire, which specializes in paddleboat and kayak hire.

With so many boat hire options available in Lakes Entrance, visitors can easily explore the region's stunning waterways and enjoy a day out on the water.

Lakes Entrance

Best Time to Visit Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance, located in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, has a temperate oceanic climate, with mild to cool winters and warm to hot summers. The area experiences moderate rainfall throughout the year, with an average annual precipitation of about 900 mm.

In the summer months of December to February, temperatures in Lakes Entrance can reach an average high of 25°C (77°F), while the average low temperature during this time is around 14°C (57°F). The summer months are generally sunny and warm, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

In the winter months of June to August, temperatures in Lakes Entrance can drop to an average low of 6°C (43°F), while the average high temperature during this time is around 14°C (57°F). The winters can be cold and wet, but they also offer a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of the area's lush greenery and wildlife.

Overall, Lakes Entrance is a great destination to visit year-round, but the best time to go is during the summer months when the weather is warm and pleasant. However, if you're looking for a quieter and more peaceful trip, the winter months can offer a more serene atmosphere.

How To Reach Lakes Entrance

Here are some of the ways to reach Lakes Entrance:

By Car

Lakes Entrance is approximately a 3.5-hour drive from Melbourne along the Princes Highway. The route is well-signed, and there are several petrol stations and rest areas along the way.

By Bus

There are several bus companies that offer regular services to Lakes Entrance from Melbourne and other nearby towns. The journey takes approximately 5-6 hours.

By Train

The nearest train station to Lakes Entrance is located in Bairnsdale, which is approximately a 30-minute drive away. Trains run regularly from Melbourne to Bairnsdale, and then you can take a bus or hire a car to reach Lakes Entrance.

By Air

The nearest airport to Lakes Entrance is located in Bairnsdale, which has regular flights from Melbourne. From there, you can take a bus or hire a car to reach Lakes Entrance.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, you'll be able to reach Lakes Entrance easily and enjoy the beautiful coastal town and its attractions.

Top Places to Visit Around Lakes Entrance

  • Gippsland Lakes
  • Wyanga Park Winery
  • Lakes Entrance Beach
  • Lakes Entrance Visitors Information Centre
  • Nyerimilang Heritage Park
  • The Entrance Walk
  • Eastern Beach
  • Rigbys Island
  • Buchan Caves
  • Ninety Mile Beach
  • Kalimna Jetty
  • Lake Tyers State Park
  • Lakes Entrance Lookout


Lakes Entrance is a true gem of Victoria, offering visitors the chance to explore some of the most beautiful natural wonders in Australia. With stunning beaches, crystal clear lakes, lush rainforests, and an abundance of wildlife, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So why not plan your next getaway to Lakes Entrance and discover the beauty of this unique coastal town for yourself?


Q. What is Lakes Entrance known for?

Lakes Entrance is known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear lakes, and lush rainforests.

Q. Can I see dolphins in Lakes Entrance?

Yes, you can spot dolphins in the Gippsland Lakes. You can take a guided tour or rent a boat to see these beautiful creatures up close.

Q. Are there any accommodations in Lakes Entrance for families?

Yes, there are plenty of family-friendly accommodations in Lakes Entrance, including resorts, holiday parks, and self-catering apartments.

Q. What are the nearest airports to Lakes Entrance?

The nearest airports to Lakes Entrance are Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) and Bairnsdale Airport.

Q. What are the nearest towns to Lakes Entrance?

The nearest towns to Lakes Entrance are Bairnsdale, Orbost, and Paynesville.

Q. Where can I eat in Lakes Entrance?

There are a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars in Lakes Entrance.