Koh Kradan Beach In Thailand - Trang's Most Beautiful Islands

Today we have to talk about the Island or Beach Koh Kradan. This beach is known as an island in Trang province of southern Thailand. This island is described by Thailand as one of Trang's most beautiful islands. Koh Kradan has white sandy beaches and transparent water that allows coral reefs to be clearly visible. Most of these beaches are controlled by Hat Chao Mai National Park. This island is named as Koh Kradan with its magnificent shape. So let us get more information about Koh Kradan.

Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan Beach In Thailand - Trang's Most Beautiful Islands

From Koh Kradan Beach, tourists can view Koh Libong, Koh Whan, Koh Mook, and Koh Chang. This beach is located east of the island. On the west side of this island, there is a small rocky beach called 'Sunset Beach'. Due to the tropical climate, the temperature does not change throughout the year on Koh Kradan Beach, although the pre-monsoon months are slightly warmer on this beach from February to April.

The best time to visit a tourist on this beach From December to March, it was known that Koh Kradan Beach has the highest rainfall during the low season, from May to late October, when the tour the activity that the expert can do is very limited. At a high tide on Koh Kradan Beach, water comes to the top of the coast, but the more water tourists can enjoy this beach. There are no roads on Koh Kradan Beach.

There are only a few small trails in the forest between the beach's beaches and Paradise Lost Resort. So the tourist will not get motorized land transportation. On this beach the tourists will not find soft sand beaches and turquoise blue sea water, but also an underwater world, a deep forest and last but not least peace and unique flair. 7 Eleven and Noisy Nightlife is a popular island for travelers and backpackers on Koh Kradan Beach who love to travel in person and discover Thailand on their own.

Koh Kradan Beach offers some great activities for a successful holiday. Outside Koh Kradan Beach, tourists get amazing spots for snorkeling.

This beach has beautiful intact fluid reefs that have intense endless variations of colored fish. Snorkeling on the offshore reef is highly recommended, especially on low tides on Koh Kradan Beach. High tide is more recommended for swimming here. If a trickster plans for a visit, then the tourists can board a long boat directly to the main beach and take a boat trip there. Especially recommended is a visit to the Emerald Cave on the beach, a former pirate hiding place and one of the region's top attractions. Emerald Cave can easily be arranged from Koh Kradan Beach.

Best Time To Go : December - March