Hapuna Beach in Hawaii on Big Island and Things to Do

Today we are going to talk about information about hapuna beach state park-big island. Hapuna beach state park-big island, hawaii. This type of beach is located between mauna lani resort and mauna kea resort. So let's get more information about hapuna beach state park-big island.

Hapuna beach has consistently rated on international top ten lists of the islands’ best beaches. Hapuna also offers consistently good conditions for swimming, bodyboarding, sunbathing etc.

Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach in Hawaii on Big Island

Hapuna beach is also known as beach 69 after the recreation area. On this beach parking is free at this beach with toilets and shower facilities. The beach area is lined with shade trees that give excellent cover from sun and heat.

Hapuna beach visitors' visiting hours are from 7am to 8pm daily. To visit hapuna beach cost is around $10 per car but free for hawaii residents with valid hawaii id.

You’ll find ample parking, along with food vendors, picnic areas, restrooms and showers on this hapuna beach state park. At hapuna beach park beat the south kohala heat by taking a dip in the warm waters.

Hapuna beach of landscaped is with swimming during calm seas, bodysurfing during periods of shore breaks, sunbathing and other beach-related activities, picnicking and shelter lodging opportunities.

And also there are dangerous rip currents and pounding shore breaks during periods of high surf. Waves are 3 feet high on hapuna beach. All others should stay out of the water and away from the shoreline on the hapuna beach.

Hapuna beach state recreation rents an area of 4-person a-frame shelters. Hapuna beach shelters consist of a single screened room with wooden sleeping platforms and also with a picnic table.

Also they serve comfort stations with cold showers and restrooms. There is also food and other personal supplies must be stored in the guest’s unit.

On the island of hawaii the westin hapuna beach resort stretches along its namesake white-sand beach. The kohala coast is known for its world-class culture and archeological gems nestled between its centuries-old lava fields.

The 96743 zip code is one of the most popular residences in hapuna beach. Many other residences are available there.

This is a glorious oasis with a stellar reputation. Prince resorts hawaii is one of its leading luxury hotel and residence groups.

Everyone loves to go to the hapuna beach because it is one of the most popular kohala coast beaches on the big island. It is also family friendly and easy to drive to on the kohala coast, hapuna beaches easy and a wonderful beach.

On a hapuna beach you look at the ocean is that gorgeous aqua color that transitions to deep blue ocean further out. On a hapuna beach you’ll love spending some time with your family and friends on this beach in kohala. There are several pavilions you can choose to relax in and spend your day for your larger group.

There are some nice covered pavilions with barbeque pits and wonderful views of the beach side. Perfect for a larger gathering to have a potluck or spread out your food on the covered tables.

Access to hapuna beach is divided between a public parking area and the south. The hapuna beach is the prince hotel to the north side. In this beach non-hotel guests can take hapuna beach rd from hwy 19 and park in the parking lot.

This is the big island’s largest sandy beach. Visitors expect clam surf in the summer and fall, and rough water with larger waves in the winter. Hapuna beach is the best location on the big island for boogie boarding and other activities.

Hapuna beach provides many attractive facilities like showers, bathrooms, picnic tables, and bbq and many others you must like. Everyone can visit the hapuna beach area. This beach is nearly a half-mile long and teeming with empty sand space.

On the hapuna beach offshore trade winds generally keep the area from becoming too hot in the afternoon. Hapuna beach is a great place to visit at any time of the day for visitors. The hapuna beach is similar to the nearby mauna kea beach. Hapuna beach is renowned for its sugar white sand and also clear waters.

Bodyboarding, swimming, beach volleyball and other forms of recreation are popular throughout the year. The hapuna beach is divided into a “public” side and a “private” side.

In the hapuna beach, the northern end of the beach hosts the hapuna prince hotel and is dotted with lounge chairs for hotel guests. A rocky outcrop separates the northern section from the public side in the hapuna beach.

In the beachfront grassy fields and picnic fields are there.

Visitors respect the hotel facilities because they are welcome to explore any part of the beach provided by the hotel.

Snorkeling Fun

On the hapuna beach visitors are mostly like a swimming beach but towards both ends of the beach where it’s rocky with cliffs. On the hapuna beach there is good snorkeling in these areas with visibility is lower due to the sandy bottoms at the beach areas. The hapuna beach is the area around the cliffs and rocks are not closely monitored by the lifeguards on the site.

Stroll the Beach

On the hapuna beach is your choice of strolling alongside the paved area next to the walking right on the shoreline and getting your feet wet.

If you are in the mood to wade around for a bit and also it is for a nice long sandy beach it is fun to scroll from one side to the next to do a workout with a fast walk or join on the beach itself.

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1. Things To Do at Hapuna Beach

At hapuna beach you will never run out of activities. The hapuna beach has something for everyone. Where you want to spend a day lazing or are looking forward to a day of activities with your family.

The beach serves a parking area for visiting families and tourist vehicles. Several facilities you can do on the beach, including picnic tables, showers, barbeque stations, and comfortably spacious restrooms.

Swimming is fantastic on the sandy beach and bottom at hapuna. Mostly calm waters and small water breaks on the hapuna beach. The waves pick your body surfs and boogie boarding fun on the hapuna beach.

2. Best Time To Visit Hapuna Beach

The Best Time for a Tourist to Visit Hapuna Beach Is From Late Summer Months (In the Morning).

Winter Season

On the hapuna beach weather in the winter months that run from november to april and also this is the best time to visit the hapuna beach. In the winter hapuna beach the average daytime temperature is 78 degrees. In winter temperatures at night are 10 degrees f. Lower.

Summer Season

In the summer months that extended from may to october. In the summer hapuna beach the average daytime temperatures at sea level is 85 degree f.

3. How to Reach Hapuna Beach

Here we are going to talk about how to reach and directions to hapuna beach. So let's collect the information about how a tourist can visit hapuna beach.

By Air

Most airlines provide assistance to passengers with special needs through their skycap (porter) service. Visitors are able to transport personal wheelchairs, including folding, collapsible or non-folding manual wheelchairs, electric/battery-powered wheelchairs and electric-powered carts. To go to this beach, visitors can take 48 hours’ advance notice and one hour for check-in on your day of departure is needed for any electric/battery-powered chairs. You can take advice from your airline in advance to arrange for any special services.

By Train

To reach hapuna beach, tourists can also rent a cab that is easily available throughout kohala. It is located at mile marker 70 on the kohala coast. Hapuna beach is located about 31.8 miles from kailua kona.

By Road

On the hapuna beach tourist also reach by hwy 19 to kohala coast and make a left at the hapuna beach sign.

4. Top Places to Visit Around Hapuna Beach

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