Most Beautiful Arambol Beach In North Goa India

Today we have to talk about Arambol Beach, which is located in North Goa. This beach is a traditional fisherman village. Arambol attracts many tourists on the beach mainly in the winter season between November and March. This beach has a different Bohemian feel that many optional Attracts passengers. This beach is considered to be Goa's most beautiful beaches, the border of Keri Beach in the north and Mandrem Beach to the south. So let us get a little more information about this beach.

Most Beautiful Arambol Beach In North Goa India

Arambol Beach has a population of about 5300. The average temperature of the beach is generally 34 ° C and the average temperature of the temperature is 29 ° C between April and June. Most of the Arambol Beach local people are Hindus. National and international Due to the composition of both international musicians, Arambol Beach is home to the live music scene, which dominates the Gypsy-Fusion bands. Strong winds during this beach's main season are leisure sports like paragliding and kite surfing, to make an important choice.

There are sunset parties during the top tourism season every evening on this beach. The Tribal Dance Festival and the Indian Juggling Convention are held in Arambol. Arambol Beach is known as the beautiful and quiet beach. This beach is one of the best beaches of northern Goa and is relatively ineffective by tourist activities. It has a distinct Bohemian feel in Arambol beach, which attracts tourists around the world.

This beach is a rocky sandy beach that blesses the forests on the one hand and the sea on the other. Arambol Beach is a lagoon of sweet water or sir Is also known for the groom, which is situated on the nearby Kalacha beach. It is accessible only on the foot and swim in its shallow water. Arambol Beach Sanding is also called the properties of healing.

This beach's soft white sand and clear water gives visible cures to tourists and is suitable for sunbathing. The main part of this beach is a long rectangle of curved sand that serves as a perfect place for swimming. If the adventure is your thing, then a small hill near this beach also allows paragliding and dolphin to see boat trips.

This beach is an ancient and lonely beach in northern Goa and can be reached by the route passing through the valley of the Cashew trees. Arambol Beach has a freshwater lagoon that goes to the thick forest at the bottom of the valley. This lake is served by hot springs and is characterized by sulphurous mud, which people love to apply to their body.

This beach extends over 16 km and has two beaches, the northernmost beaches of Goa; the main Harmal beach is more popular. Some shops near Arambol Beach sell clothes, junk cows and crafts from Goa and India. These beaches and some good cafes on headland in the north come in delicious dishes from Italy, Goa and cuisine of India. Arambol Beach attracts many vacationers from other beaches in Goa, with comfortable surroundings and peace.

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1. Things To Do at Arambol Beach

Today we are going to go to Arambol Beach in South Goa and talk about what activities a tourist should do. So let us gather some information about Arambol beach.

With the huge heights on this beach, it offers complete parasailing opportunities to the tourists. Paragliding is started from the cliff between this beach and Harlem beach. At Arambol Beach, tourists can take advantage of one of the most exciting water sports opportunities of jet skiing.

Tourists can surf this beach by surfing. Tourists can enjoy a banana boat ride on Arambol Beach. The Coco Loco Club on the beach hosts a variety of events, including a variety of drinks and food for the tourist, as well as a club music concert.

2. Best Time To Visit Arambol Beach

Here we have to collect information about Best Time to Visit Arambol Beach. This is to collect information on where the visitor can visit Arambol beach. So let us know a little more about Arambol Beach.

The Best Time for a Tourist to Visit Arambol Beach Is From Late October to February.

Winter Season

The onset of winter on Arambol Beach lasts from November to February. The best time for a tourist to visit Arambol Beach is during the winter season. The maximum number of international tourists is seen on Arambol Beach as its weather is pleasant during the winter season. Temperatures on Arambol Beach rarely exceed 25 degrees this season.

Summer Season

The beginning of the summer season on Arambol Beach lasts from March to June. Tourists should avoid visiting Arambol Beach during the summer season. During the summer season on this beach, its humidity can reach 36 ° C or higher with high humidity.

Monsoon Season

The beginning of the monsoon season on Arambol Beach lasts from July to October. Tourists should avoid visiting Arambol Beach during the monsoon season as many activities are closed during this season. Due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea, Arambol Beach has experienced heavy rainfall and some hurricanes during the monsoon season. The average annual rainfall of this beach this season is about 291 cm.

3. How To Reach Arambol Beach

Here we are going to talk about How to Reach Arambol Beach. So let's gather information about how a tourist can visit Arambol Beach.

By Air

The nearest airport on Arambol Beach is Goa International Airport. The airport is located 59.5 km from Arambol Beach. Tourists can easily reach this beach as flights from all over the country arrive at Goa International Airport.

By Train

The nearest main railway station is at Thivim Railway Station to reach the tourists on Arambol Beach. The railway station is located at a distance of 26.7 kilometers from Arambol Beach. From this railway station the tourist has to choose a taxi to reach this beach.

By Road

The nearest bus station to Arambol Beach is Panaji. The bus station is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from Arambol Beach. Scooters and motorcycles are the most popular transportation options for tourists to reach this beach.

4. Top Places to Visit Around Arambol Beach

  1. Paliem Sweet Water Lake
  2. Arambol Mountain
  3. Mandrem Beach
  4. Querim Beach
  5. Ashwem Beach
  6. Paliem Beach

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Are there any water sports activities available at Arambol Beach?

Yes, Arambol Beach offers a variety of water sports activities such as jet skiing, bumper rides, banana rides, boat rides towards parasailing, and boat parasailing. Each water sports activity lasts for 1-2 minutes.

What are the accommodation options near Arambol Beach?

Accommodation near Arambol Beach ranges from budget to luxury, with prices starting as low as ?190. Hotels cater to all classes of travelers, and options include beach huts, resorts, and guest houses.

Can I find any restaurants or cafes at Arambol Beach?

Yes, there are numerous beach shacks and cafes along Arambol Beach that serve a variety of cuisines, ranging from local Goan delicacies to international flavors.

Is Arambol Beach suitable for families and couples?

Arambol Beach is suitable for both families and couples, offering a mix of relaxation and adventure sports. The beach is less crowded compared to other North Goa beaches, providing a more serene environment.

Are there any cultural or nightlife activities at Arambol Beach?

Arambol Beach is known for its vibrant nightlife with music, bonfires, and impromptu jam sessions. Visitors can join in the festivities and dance barefoot on the sand.