Sandy Beach Haad Yao, Koh PhaNgan (Thailand)

The first thing newcomers who know ' Haad Yao ' means ' Long Beach ' is actually not that long!. Today we are going to talk about a beach named haad yao beach. This beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh PhaNgan (Thailand). Haad yao beach is a sandy beach, spreading over a kilometer of the bone sun, which makes the bay a haven. This beach is also very wide, which allows various types of sports and activities for tourists. This beach and the surrounding area are quite in order to keep the tourists occupied during their leave. So let's get more information about haad yao beach.

Haad Yao (Sandy Beach)

Sandy Beach Haad Yao, Koh PhaNgan (Thailand)

The tourists also enjoy wonderful sunsets on the haad yao beach. This beach is known as a beautiful white sand beach, haad yao beach is known for its ancient nature and great beaches on Thai island. This beach is ideal for water swimming . The white sand on the haad yao beach is spread by water inviting one side and a sharp palm on the other side. haad yao beach is ideal for tourists to enjoy the game of frisbee. There is a coral reef on this beach's bay. Haad yao beach is good for both snorkeling and diving.

There are plenty of marine life to see the tourists on this beach. There are some dive schools on this beach that offer a range of scuba diving courses. There are plenty of beach front rooms to choose from this beach. There are some great bars, cafés and restaurants on the haad yao beach. Returning to the beaches and main roads of the beach, tourists can find a good range of eating and drinking options.

This beach likes to stay late at night on the tourists' night. Haad Yao Beach is a clever nature designed in the pure white sand and clear blue waters with an enjoyable cove, which gives the real feeling of the exiled island. Swimming is available throughout this year because the water is deep here. Haad Yao Beach's Bay In the northern part, there are beautiful tropical fish and coral-looking beautiful snorkeling sites. So tourists like to visit this beach.

Best Time To Go : December - March

Nearest Airport : Samui Airport (USM) , Distance : 122.9 Km