8 Amazing Things to Do in Katmai National Park

There are numerous exciting activities to engage in while visiting Katmai National Park. Here are some of the top things to do in the park.

Things to Do in Katmai National Park

Bear Viewing

Katmai National Park is renowned for its population of brown bears. Bear viewing is a highlight for many visitors, particularly at Brooks Falls, where bears gather to catch salmon. Observing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. Remember to follow the park's guidelines for safe bear viewing.


Katmai National Park offers a variety of hiking trails for all levels of experience. From shorter walks to multi-day treks, there are options to explore the park's diverse landscapes, including mountains, tundra, and coastal areas. Some popular trails include the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes Overlook Trail and the Dumpling Mountain Trail. Some popular trails include the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes Trail, the Naknek River Trail, and the Brooks Falls Trail.


Fishing enthusiasts will find ample opportunities in Katmai's rivers and lakes. The park is home to abundant salmon and trout populations. You can cast a line and try your luck at catching these prized fish. Make sure to obtain the necessary fishing permits and follow regulations set by the park.

Wildlife Photography

Katmai National Park provides incredible opportunities for wildlife photography. Besides bears, the park is home to other wildlife, such as moose, wolves, caribou, and a variety of bird species. Be prepared to capture stunning shots of these animals in their natural habitats.

Things to Do in Katmai National Park

Canoeing and Kayaking

Exploring Katmai's waterways by canoe or kayak offers a unique perspective on the park's landscapes. Paddle along rivers and lakes, taking in the surrounding scenery and potentially spotting wildlife along the shores.

Ranger-Led Programs

The National Park Service offers ranger-led programs and interpretive talks that provide insights into the park's natural and cultural history. Joining these programs can enhance your understanding and appreciation of Katmai's unique features.

Photography Workshops

Katmai National Park occasionally organizes photography workshops led by professional photographers. These workshops provide guidance on capturing the park's beauty and wildlife through the lens. Check with the park or authorized tour operators for available workshops during your visit.


As mentioned earlier, camping is a popular activity in Katmai National Park. Stay overnight at the Brooks Camp Campground or obtain a backcountry camping permit for a more remote experience. Falling asleep under the starry Alaskan sky is an incredible way to connect with the park's wilderness.