Sun, Sand, and Serenity Reaching Vega Beach, Albania

Vega Beach beckons with its crystal-clear waters, soft shores, and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you seek relaxation under the Albanian sun or a taste of the local scene, this man-made paradise offers something for everyone. Here's your guide on reaching this idyllic getaway.

How to Reach Vega Beach


Vega Beach basks on the Albanian Riviera, close to the city of Vlorë.

Reaching Vlorë

  • By Air: Vlorë International Airport (Vlora International Airport) receives seasonal flights from various European destinations. Check for options that align with your travel dates.
  • By Bus: An extensive bus network connects Vlorë to major Albanian cities like Tirana and Saranda. This is a budget-friendly option, and buses offer scenic journeys.
  • By Car: For ultimate flexibility, rent a car and enjoy a road trip along the Albanian coast. The drive from Tirana to Vlorë takes approximately 2 hours.

Reaching Vega Beach from Vlorë

  • Taxi: The most convenient option. Flag down a taxi in Vlorë and request a ride to Vega Beach (Plazhi Vega). The ride should be relatively short and affordable.
  • Bus: Public buses run from Vlorë to beaches in the area. Check timetables and inquire if any routes stop near Vega Beach.
  • Walk: An enjoyable option for clear days. The distance from Vlorë's center is roughly 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) along the scenic seafront promenade.