Phra Nang Beach Ao Nang - krabi (Thailand)

Today we have to talk about Phra Nang Beach. This beach is a large peninsula between Krabi and Ao Nang city of Thailand. The main limestone consumption on Phra Nang Beach is only accessible by boats due to high limestone rocks. The rocks of the beach attract rock climbers all over the world, but this beach area is also popular due to its beautiful beaches and a quiet relaxing atmosphere. So let's get more information about this beach.

Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Beach Ao Nang - krabi (Thailand)

This beach is the southern strip of sand in the railway bay. Duvet-soft sand on Phra Nang Beach, clear shallow water for safe swimming, two small islands, coral reef, and caves, Ao Phra Nang has all the ingredients in the perfect beach. This beach is in front of the picturesque limestone terraces which offer a natural shade from a warm afternoon sun and provide the most attractive sites for rock climbers for this thrilling activity in the Krabi province. Due to the lack of population and pollution, Phra Nang Beach offers a quiet beach with some refined water.

There are no restaurants on the beach. However, this beach has long tail boats which sell fresh fruit juice on the beach and shake with orange, mango and pineapple. Phra Nang Beach is a nice beach that just hangs out. This beach crossing is very much like the tourist. There are two small islands on the beach, you can go to the low tide with the sandbar and take snorkelling.

The beach is surrounded by stunning limestone rocks and it is located at the southernmost tip of the south of the Railay Peninsula south of the West Railway. Phra Nang Beach is said to be the best of the coolest water from four beaches in the peninsula.

The limestone stones on this beach. The upper tower gives a shade of warm sun. Beautiful views of Phra Nang Beach are beautiful scenes from Poda, Chicken and Tub Islands, which are located in short distance. For those who are standing up for this beach, there is a secret lagoon inside the rock called Sa Phra Nang or Holy Princess Pool. Come, which can be reached by following the trail beside the mountain. Other adventurous activities in this beach include rock climbing, hiking snorkeling and sea kayaking, when other visitors see it on the coast or to the coast of Krabi province.

Explore the stunning views and to spend part of the day only to admire. Phra Nang Beach is definitely one of the favorite destinations of Tourist and one of the best swimming beaches of Krabi. The best time to go to this beach is before lunch because it feels more confused in the afternoon, although it is easy to spend the whole day here. This beach offers a wonderful view of Krabi.

This beach is located on the foliage side of all sides. You can also have different food experiences at this beach, which has a long tail boat that serves a variety of foods and snacks. Some hiking tracks at Phra Nang Beach take off-the-bit routes to find amazing viewpoints where you can peer at the perfect beach. Phra Nang Beach has inhabited the Krabi province since prehistoric times and is considered as Thailand's oldest population region.

This is the local legend of the beach. This area is home to the famous Princess Cave, known locally as Tham Phra Nang Nok and is considered to be the home of a mythical sea princess, in which some versions refer to the Indian princess filled with ships. This beach is located in pristine region with tracking options, and warm water and sandy beaches also make it a perfect place to make it indefinitely.

Best Time To Go : November – March

Nearest Airport : Krabi Airport(KBV), Distance (Drive) : 30.4 km