Beautiful White Sand Thongtakian Beach Koh Samui

Today we have to talk about Thongtakian Beach. This beach is located between Chaweng and Lamai Beach. Thongtakian Beach is a beautiful beach which is like white sand, which makes squeakers between your toes. There is enough shade on the beach and very good snorkeling offshore. Thongtakian Beach is quiet and beautiful and if the tourist runs 100 meters below sandy, break into the rocks where the tourists can bat in the hot sea. So let us get more information about Thongtakian beach.

Thongtakian Beach

Beautiful White Sand Thongtakian Beach Koh Samui

The scene from Thongtakian Beach is refined and full of sand. The beach is slightly shallow and is good for paddling, but is slowly moved to avoid the scattered pebbles. Massage on Thongtakian Beach is cheap and effective and easily reachable by main sand. Thongtakian Beach is a small sandy beach, which offers sharp-looking rocks and is surrounded by stone.

The sand on the beaches and coastal beds is very light, nice and soft. It is very nice to visit the beach on this beach. This beach is considered to be a good place to swim and a place for sunset. The northern part of this beach has a clean sandy bed, which allows tourists to go comfortable in the ocean. On the bottom of the Thongtakian Beach, there is also a route between the stones and divers, with which the coral reef located on the entrance of the tourist bay.

The eastern part of this beach is shallower. Thongtakian Beach is also known as the name of a hotel located on its area, a silver beach, Crystal Bay and Yacht Club. This beach is surrounded by its large, smooth capes in the north and east, with its top green shrubs and the palm is covered with the top of the trees. The view of the small island Koh Matlang on Thongtakian Beach, which is located on the shores of North Chaweng, is a blue outline, seen from eastern distances.

The small multi-colored fishing vessels on the beach are anchored in the distance. The beach is under the water and there is a live coral reef at the mouth of the bay, where according to local divers, the island is the most interesting tourist destination. Thongtakian Beach is the best place for lovers of nightclub parties and night reconsidered not so much.

These beach couples are newborn and beloved, they like this beach. Young children will love soft sand and gigantic stones of Thongtakian Beach, and there will be exciting thrilling adventures. Thongtakian Beach gives you a feeling of authenticity and nature close proximity. All things to guarantee comfortable and carefree comfort for this beach tourism can be found here.

Tourist Thongtakian Beach can find many interesting activities such as diving, snorkeling, sea fishing, elephant rock etc. Everything can be arranged there. This gives a great view of the sea view to the top of the beach. Thais and Thongtakian Beach for International Tourists It is believed to be a paradise on every side. There are interesting rocks on every side of this beach, which is a nice sight for tourists taking photographs. Thongtakian Beach is not very crowded, here only comes a few daily tourists.

Best Time To Go : March – May

Nearest Airport : Samui Airport (USM) , Distance : 10.5 Km