Information About Thong Nai Pan Beach, Koh Phangan (Thailand)

Today, we have to talk about beach named Thong Nai Pan Beach. This beach is located in Koh Phangan. This beach is considered to be Koh Phangan most beautiful coastline. Thong Nai Pan Beach, on the east coast of the island, is open from the annual northeast monsoon waves, and its big waves make beautiful beaches. So let's get more information about Thong Nai Pan Beach.

Beautiful Beach Thong Nai Pan

Information About Thong Nai Pan Beach, Koh Phangan (Thailand)

Thong Nai Pan Beach Beach Phangan's most famous beach, party location is similar to Haad Rin Nok. This beach enjoys a simple sandy bottom which is constantly running deep in all the depths. Water is generally quiet, clear and great for swimming on this beach, except for the beach monsoon waves from November to January. Thong Nai Pan Beach sand is nice and soft.

The wonderful natural beauty of this beach is also a nominal profit could not prevent human greed, which has destroyed many natural environments in Thailand. Thong Nai Pan Beach, with countless sea bars and restaurants on the beach, usually has a very covered back waives. There are a few night parties in this beach for a month, but there is no technology and festive center such as Haad Rin and Bantai.

Thong Nai Pan Beach is again converted to rear coconut on a beach, a sage urban slums and a hole in the environment. This beach has a 600 meter radius of deep blue and green, a dark strip between the next deep seas, forested mountain. Thong Nai Pan Beach, half a dozen resorts on the beach is buried among the trees, whose whole scene looks very natural.

Thong Nai Pan Beach has everything on offer from fishing offshore scuba diving to the beach. There is no coral reef on this beach, which makes it great for snorkeling, which means that water here every year is deep for swimming and water sports and is perfect.

Best Time To Go : December - March

Nearest Airport : Samui Airport (USM) , Distance : 129.4 Km