Unveiling the Luxurious Comfort of The Midas Resort Cottages

Let's talk a little about what it's like to stay at The Midas Resort.

There is very little to say about staying at The Midas Resort, because once you stay here for a night, the experience you will get is something different, because what you have to stay here will make you feel very natural.

The Midas Resort Cottages

The resort accommodation is designed like a cottage that will give you the feel of a village hut. Which is very native. And inside it has all facilities with bathroom shower.

All these accommodations are surrounded by thick forests that will give you a feeling of absolute peace. And behind this accommodation there is a nice swimming pool which has a very nice view. From where you can bathe and see the hills of small mountains along with the forest. There are total 2 swimming pool one is big and one is small.

Midas Resort Cottages

Now let us know about a few different types of resort accommodation, cottages.

Kutchi Bhunga

Immerse yourself in the culture of Kutch. Kutch Bhungas are created by Kutch residents to ensure original architecture. This Bhunga is a great combination of traditional charm and modern comforts. Experience tradition with a touch of elegance.

Deluxe Cottage

The deluxe cottages are additionally shaped by Kutch architecture, a recent trend in the Kutch towns. Inside, the cottage has a more contemporary look and feel while remaining authentic to local architecture. Expect a luxury experience.

Midas Resort Super Deluxe Cottage

Super Deluxe Cottage

Like Deluxe Cottages, Super Deluxe Cottages are inspired by Kutchi architecture and reflect modern advances in Kutch villages. All the pleasures of Deluxe, plus much more.

Club Cottage

The newly constructed Club Cottages are designed in a pod of 8 homes. This group of homes shares a lovely courtyard and a lush green garden. These cottages provide an own backyard balcony where you can unwind and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Royal Suite

Presidential Suites are specifically created to provide an outstanding hospitality experience. All of the features of the Super Deluxe, and much more.