Karon Beach In Phuket, Thailand (Popular Destination For Tourists)

Today we have to talk about Karon Beach. This beach refers to the beach and the nearby town on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand. Karon Beach is a popular destination for tourists. Usually quiet in the neighborhood Hat PaTong, this beach is especially popular among families and couples and is less popular with singles than Patong. Karon Beach is also popular with Scandinavian tourists, so let us get more information about this beach.

Karon Beach In Phuket

Karon Beach In Phuket, Thailand (Popular Destination For Tourists)

This beach was heavily damaged by the tsunami after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, especially in the Southern regions of Karon Beach, but since then has been largely rescued since 2008 and shows a slight evidence of tsunami damage by 2008. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phuket's there is one, but there is a large busy road with most of them, and this is just a few beachfront resorts.

Karon Beach is the second string of beautiful coastline that has seen the world for the first time in Phuket Island in the 1970s. A few kilometers from Karon Beach are the longest and straightest with complete tropical sand nearby. But on the beach of the coast, Karon Beach has different headings at each end and the high mountain behind it is closed. Washing all the seas in the part of Karon Beach area of Phuket is well-washed from the depths of the Andaman Sea, and it is clearly obvious. Large storms wash mud and waste in the oceans, or even when human contaminants reach the coast, Andaman soon cleans him completely.

The beach is one of the best among the skilled people. Karon Beach is so close to the silica and coral sand perfection that he has passed the tests of the world's beach volleyball experts. In FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, this beach was considered ideal for sand. In some sections of this bicycle, blocking access to direct beach access, running on a high wall and a large drain way road.

This beach is usually very large and sandy, except for the high tide of spring there is very open sand. Some places of Karon Beach quickly go deep into water, which makes it ideal for swimming in high season, but sometimes it is risky in the monsoon. The beach is surrounded by a large tree, which is the only shade provided by sea umbrellas.

Karon Beach also has relief for selling food and drinks within their turf. The distant southern trees planted by the beach and the authorities on the beach now have a green zone on the sand. Karon Beach is usually sold in tropical fruits or special snacks. They are generally very polite and natural. Distractions from watercraft operated by any other beach on this popular Southwestern coast of Phuket are less here.

Karon Beach's density is much lower than its neighbors, Patong and Kata coast. The beach has always been quiet on the large, famous coastline, which lined the southwest coast of Phuket. This beach is really a great beach for family members in the high season. Its water is especially quiet and clear, making children a great, safe playground. However, because Karon Beach has a few big trees on which there is a low shade of sand to play, the day on which the beaches make the beach an adverse place.

This beach has become one of the most dangerous beaches of Phuket's when the monsoon waves are washed on this coast. Karon Beach and the roadside sand beach serves as a hygiene level, which takes time to go to the ocean for sewage-generated pathogenic pathogens. In recent years, behind the sand dunes, a small natural lagoon is completely filled with seepage, which the water is now clogged and black.

The northern third of this beach is extinct undisturbed and spread by Nong Harn Lake, which is the largest beach side cross in Phuket. This offers a nice exercise / jogging / cycling path. Karon Beach also offers white beaches and clear water without any crowd.

Best Time To Go : November – March

Nearest Airport : Phuket International Airport (HKT) , Distance : 43.8 km

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