Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska

The gates of the arctic national park and preserve is an american national park in northern alaska that protects portions of the brooks range. The park is the united states' northernmost national park, located entirely north of the arctic circle.

The gates of the arctic national park was established in the brooks range of northern alaska in 1980. It's the country's second-largest national park, preserving a vast wilderness outpost for backcountry adventurers and wildlife. The magnificent rivers, mountains, and wetlands of the ecosystem remain largely untouched.

Gates of the Arctic National Park

Because there are no roads, marked trails, or even a visitor's center, this park is best visited on an organized tour led by an expert guide who is familiar with the terrain. Scenic flights, alpine lake fishing, camping, pack rafting, canoeing, and hiking are among the tour options. While the park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the unpredictable arctic weather can and does change on a dime, posing challenges due to the extreme cold.

Things to Do in Gates of the Arctic National Park

One of the most popular activities in the national park is backpacking and hiking. To preserve the natural ecosystems, there are no official trails, but it is recommended to follow the 'game trails' provided by wildlife. Keep in mind that travel is challenging, and even experienced backpackers may only be able to cover five miles in a single day.

Mountain lakes offer excellent fishing opportunities, and local operators offer flight-seeing trips to see sand dunes and spend the night camping in remote locations for those who aren't interested in hiking or night camping in the mountains.

With wolves, bears, and foxes roaming the national park, wildlife spotting is a popular pastime. Over 200,000 western arctic caribou herd members live in gates of the arctic, which protects a large portion of the herd's range. All year long, birds from all over the world come to feed and raise their young under the midnight sun in the spring and summer.

Because of gates of the arctic national park's remote location and dearth of amenities, most visitors take a guided tour. Sightseeing day trips to particular regions or scenic flights over the park are among the available tour options. Optionally, you can extend your stay by a few days. Wildlife viewing, scenic hikes like those up finger mountain, and lessons on the area's gold mining history are all part of the experience on these guided tours.

Best Time to Visit Gates of the Arctic National Park

The best time to go to gates of the arctic is from late spring to early fall. The months of november through march are the worst because of the extreme cold and short days. Cool temperatures and a lot of snow in the early spring make it difficult to enjoy the season.

July and August are the best months to visit for clear, stable weather.

How to Reach Gates of the Arctic National Park

Visitors to gates of the arctic must either fly or hike into the park, as there are no roads or trails. Access to the park begins in fairbanks, where small airlines fly into bettles, anaktuvuk pass, and coldfoot, which serve as entry points to the park.

Top Places to Visit Around Gates of the Arctic National Park

  • Koyukuk River
  • Frigid Crags
  • Tinayguk River
  • Boreal Mountain
  • Kugururok River
  • Kobuk Wild River
  • John River