Yosemite National Park - California, USA

Today we are going to talk about Yosemite National Park. This National Park is located in Sierra Nevada, west of California, USA. The National Park is managed by the National Park Service. This national park covers an area of ​​8, 74, 84,366 acres and sits in four counties such as Tuolumne and Mariposa and extends north and east to Mono and south to Madera County. About 95% of Yosemite National Park's designated forest is made Is. So let's find out more about Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park - California, USA

About 4 million people visit This National Park every year. Yosemite National Park supports a diversity of plants and animals. The height of this park ranges from 2,127 to 13,114 feet, and includes chaparral and oak woodland, lower montane forest, upper montane forest, subalpine zone, and five major vegetation zones.

The geology of Yosemite National Park is characterized by granitic rocks and old rock fossils. In 1855, entrepreneur James Mason Hutchings, artist Thomas Ayres and two others were the first to visit the National Park. In the early years of Yosemite National Park, access to the park was improved by tourists and the conditions of the valley were made more hospitable.

The service of Yosemite National Park was created in 1916, and Yosemite was transferred to the agency's jurisdiction. In 1903, a dam was proposed in the northern part of the park. Recently, conservationists have persuaded Congress to designate nearly 89% of the park, Yosemite Wilderness, as a highly protected wilderness area. In 2016, the Trust for Public Land purchased Ackerson Meadow, which owns 400 acres on the west bank of this national park, for $2.3 million to protect housing and protect the area from development. For many visitors to Yosemite National Park, Tunnel View is the first view of the valley and it is widely photographed.

The National Park is one of the most popular mountain destinations in the world because of its year-round accessibility and a wide range of diverse trails. Granite domes such as the Sentinel Dome and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park rise 3,000 and 4,800 feet above the valley floor, respectively. There are many domes in this park. At Yosemite National Park there are three groves named the ancient giant Sequoia the Mariposa Grove, the Tuolumne Grove, and the Merced Grove.

The Lille Glacier is the largest glacier on Yosemite National Park covering 160 acres. This National Park has a Mediterranean climate, which means most of the rainfall falls during the mild winters, and the other seasons are almost dry. During Precambrian and early Paleozoic, the area of Yosemite National Park was flooded with margin of dormant continents.

The Pleistocene glaciers of the region accelerated this process, and the larger ones migrated from the resulting talus and valley floor. A series of glaciers started in Yosemite National Park about 2 to 3 million years ago and 10,000 BP. There are at least four large glaciers in the Sierra Nevada, locally called Sherwin, Tahoe, Tenaya, and Tioga.

The scrubby sun-baked chaparral of Yosemite National Park, stately preserves the landscape with expanses of pine, fir, and sequoia, and expanses of alpine woodlands and meadows as it was prevalent before the Euro-American settlement. Less wildlife species are found in these habitats in the National Park, because of their height and low complexity.

The species likely to be found on Yosemite National Park include gold-magical land squirrel, chickaree, fisher, Steller's jay, hermit thrush, and northern Joshock. Reptiles are not common in this national park, but include rubber boa, western fence lizard, and northern alligator lizard. The black bears of Yosemite National Park were once famous for stealing a parked car.

The National Park has documented more than 130 non-native plant species. The forest fire seasonally clears dead Yosemite National Park and has a new paving the way for growth. This fire damages tourism revenue. There are numerous activities available through the National Park Service, Yosemite Conservancy, and Aramark at Yosemite. Tours at Yosemite National Park include nature walks, photography and art classes, stargazing programs, tours, bike rental, rafting, mule and horseback riding, and rock climbing classes.

In addition to exploring the natural features of Yosemite National Park, tourists can also learn about the Yosemite Valley's natural and cultural history at numerous facilities in the valley. Off-trail riding and mountain biking are not allowed in this National Park. During the summer months a lot of water activities are done in Yosemite National Park. There are plenty. In 2010 this National Park was honored with its own quarter under the America Beautiful Quarters Program.