The Most Peaceful Mai Khao Beach, Phuket (Thailand)

Today we have to talk about the beach named Mai Khao. This beach is located in Phuket (Thailand). This long straight beach is still unreliable because this beach is part of Sirinat National Park. This beach is the reproduction ground for turtles. Tourists come to this beach in Phuket to avoid all the attacks and strikes bringing other cities. The tourists come here for peace, because this beach is the most peaceful. The activities on this beach are not as pleasant as other hot spots. So let's get more information about Mai Khao.

Mai Khao Beach

The Most Peaceful Mai Khao Beach, Phuket (Thailand)

In the low season on Mai Khao Beach, the ocean can be very dangerous, and this is a sharp drop in just a few moments from the beach area and the trends can drop you down. Tourists on the Mai Khao Beach should not go swimming in the months between May and November because this beach is underdeveloped and totally. Mai Khao Beach is known as a more legendary place offering luxurious villas with a private pool. To stay in this beach tourist Considered one of the most high-locations.

Mai Khao Beach makes a delicious experience for the beach, especially if you are a fan of seafood, this is a fantastic seafood outlet on the beach. Mai Khao Beach has a wonderful atmosphere with a bamboo and roof terrace, which is one, gives out the feel of different island outlets. If the tourists want to enjoy shopping, the tourists have to go to turtle villages near this beach. Here are gifts, clothes, shoes, and some other qualified outlets on site. From Mai Khao Beach, many distant tours can go to Kidzsole Flying Trapeze and it seems like to fly. The National Park on this beach is one of the main attractions of tourists.

Mai Khao Beach has more refined white sand, which is 10 kilometers along the backdrop of some green trees. Mainly on this beach night, Giant Ridley Sea Turtle becomes lucky enough to watch. Usually on the evening Mai Khao beach turtles are found to stumble to place their eggs. Mai Khao Beach is enough to entertain the tourists and tourists’ family or friends, and this beech's food and drinks are also good.

Best Time To Go : December – May

Nearest Airport : Phuket International Airport (HKT) , Distance : 9.1 Km