Most Beautiful Beach Of Kantiang Bay Beach Koh Lanta (Thailand)

Kantiang Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Thailand and also indeed Asia and the Kantiang Bay is called the most beautiful beach of Koh Lanta as well as Kantiang Bay Beach is much quieter beach and also Kantiang Bay is located at the southern end of Koh Lanta and that take 45 minute drive from the Saladan Village. So, let’s get something more about the Kantiang Bay.

Kantiang Bay

Most Beautiful Beach Of Kantiang Bay Beach Koh Lanta (Thailand)

Kantiang Bay is more secluded beach compare to the Klong Dao and Long Beach as well as boasts some of Koh Lanta’s best soft golden sand and which stretches for nearly 2 km. Kantiang Bay is most famous as the location of the Pimalai, Koh Lanta’s first luxury hotel as well as now several other hotels are there and also resorts and villas are on Kantiang Bay and which we recommend. Kantiang bay is offers Restaurants, Activities, Nightlife, and Accommodation and also offers Shops & Services as well as at Kantiang bay beach there are many things to do like Snorkeling, Diving and also Overnight Camping trips departing directly. Kantiang bay offers activities like we can try our hand at Thai Cooking and also relax with the Thai Massage as well as also get some adventurous with some Island Hopping or also an Overnight Camping Trip are there.

When we are looking for the beach beyond the road as well as for mountain range at that time Kantiang Bay is best choice or on other important thing is that Kantiang Bay place is creates a perfect crescent shape to keep Andaman Sea flat calm with the crystal clear water as well as Kantiang Bay is provides breathtaking scenery around the bay. With the short walk from Kantiang Bay up to main road then we will find handful of shops and that shops includes clothes shops, ATMs, Internet & travel shops and also Beauty Salon.

In Kantiang Bay the Coffee shop and also Drunken Sailors Bar is best place to relax and unwind or in Kantiang Bay many restaurants and hotels are there. Kantiang Bay place is a best choice for honeymooners and couples because they need quit peace and also get away from the masses. Kantiang bay beach is contains many activities to do like beach sports means at the beach we can play volleyball as well as swimming is also part of the activity and also sunset and sunrise is also included in activity when we could.

Snorkeling is also best activity to do and on snorkeling peoples snorkel around the rocky headlands here and also see many fish on shores. Surfing, sailing, kiteboarding, jet skis, speed boats, banana boats etc are also the activity of the Kantiang bay. Kantiang bay beach is suitability for the children because Kantiang bay beach contains soft, clean sand and clear, calm water as well as lots of the shade under trees along the top of the sand are there and the Kantiang bay beach is excellent beach for the children as well as aside from Pimalai, which offers several swimming pools and also two of the small hotels at the top end and that also have pools, making them quite suitable for the families.