White Sandy Coastal Bays Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui

Today we have to talk about beach named Choeng Mon. This beach is made from a range of bays with white sandy coastal bays. Although only 15 minutes to the north of Chaweng and 5 minutes from Big Buddha, the mediated coastline has kept Choeng Mon silent and its water is also clean. So let us get a little more information about Choeng Mon (Koh Samui).

Clean Water Choeng Mon Beach

White Sandy Coastal Bays Choeng Mon Beach, Koh Samui

The beach named Choeng Mon is known as a small bay. This bitch has a large rocky coastline with one rock formation on one side and can paddle from a small island to tourist II. Choeng Mon is known as a very family-friendly area, and this beach dominates only a few proportions of upmarket resorts. Cheap accommodation here does not exist virtually. Despite the proximity of other coastal areas, this beach is not very accessible because songthaews do not pass many times.

Choeng Mon Beach can be the main activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and relaxing etc. This beach is known for its water sports activities. During the low tide on Choeng Mon Beach, tourists can go to Ko Fan Noi because it the main beach has proximity. But if the tourists do not like to do anything, then this beach is perfect for a beach away from afar. It is not difficult to get food at this beach because its beaches have number of restaurants. Choeng Mon Beach's restaurants offer food and entertainment from western flavors.

Choeng Mon Beach is no longer enough to make a beautiful trolley on the sunset. This beach sends rough waves in the bay at some time during November-January, while Choeng Mon Beach makes an attractive, vast, sandy beach, while helping to make the beach a bit deeper. Monsoon waves also give annual cleanliness to Choeng Mon's beaches.

Choeng Mon is a very good beach for tourists who want to spend a quiet time for them. Its trees have been removed from the central area of Choeng Mon Beach, which is very hot. So tourists need umbrellas in the middle of the day, even though the tourists are not enough to prevent heat and reflect light for longer periods. The bars of this beach are hidden among the big casuarina trees; they prefer to drink with drinks at a much better price than larger resorts.

Choeng Mon Beach offers great access to many lifestyles and other attractions. Today Choeng Mon Beach is quickly known as high-class beach with beautifully beautiful boutique resorts.

Best Time To Go : November - January

Nearest Airport : Samui Airport (USM) , Distance : 5.4 Km