Ao Prao Beach, Koh Samet (Thailand)

Today we have to talk about Ao Prao Beach. This beach is located in Koh Samet. Ao Prao Beach is known as a fully luxurious beach in the world. When tourists will come to this beach, tourists are rewarded by a long, superb beach, with soft sands and attractive water colors. Ao Prao Beach Resorts with long boats on come to make profitable small business with customers. So let us get more information about Ao Prao Beach.

Ao Prao Beach

Ao Prao Beach, Koh Samet (Thailand)

Ao Prao Beach and its resorts and Le Vimarn Cottages & Spa have some umbrellas, a beautiful pool, elegant restaurants and a long front sandy beach with this beach villa. Ao Prao Beach offers a good range of watersports, kayaking, windsurfing, waterski and wakeboards There are many green and tropical colors on this beach. Ao Prao Beach is broken down by a complete calm and only bird songs, and this beach is considered a ,popular place for VIPs for a long time.

The Ao Prao beach from the north and south is reliably protected by high cliffs, which make the road dangerous for any daredevil. Both corners of the beech coast are surrounded by coral reeves and fish and multi-colored coral. Ao Prao beach is a small sailing yacht; it is possible to rent catamaran and windsurfing. Ao Prao beach offers wonderful sunsets, which leave unreliable memories in the soul of the tourist. Light brown sand on Ao Prao beach is a private strip where the beach is as rare as a lip on a chicken.

This beach includes a range of neat bungalows with green and pleasant hills, a swimming pool and very smart core service buildings, all of which are less built and maintains a very quiet atmosphere. Families and couples can be very happy at this beach. Ao Prao beach has many diving and swimming opportunities for tourists.

Best Time To Go : November - April